Keeping Students #1 Priority in Safety & Wellness

Have you ever received that dreaded notice about an outbreak in your school? If not, its only a matter of time before you will.

Cover an average classroom in less than one minute using our “no wipe” system.


The IsoKlean® System:

  • Easy to use/ Pre-measured pouches activated by water

  • Fully disinfect average classroom in less than 2 minutes

  • Electrostatic spraying reduces labor intensive cleaning efforts for janitorial staff

  • Market and brand differentiator for improved cleanliness

  • IsoKlean disinfectant may be used in buckets for mopping

Benefits of using the IsoKlean® System:

  • Disinfect 360 degree across surfaces in minutes (desks, lockers, cafeteria, etc)

  • Reduces allergens existing in classroom(s) and facilities 

  • Minimize turn-over time required for student/ staff presence

  • Eliminate foul odors in restrooms, athletic facilities

  • SAFE for usage around food consumption areas