Founded in 2015, IsoKlean is a proprietary blend of 3 top EPA medical grade disinfectants. This patented combination of top N-list approved disinfectants includes Quaternary Ammonium, Urea & Trichloromelamine. Iso-10's innovation strives to deliver a quick kill time of less than 2 minutes via with our EPA dwell time of 10 minutes to ensure proper surface protection. 



  • 99.999% kill rate
  • Up to 14 day* active disinfectant persistence
  • Kills virus bio-film pathogen
  • Kills Mold/ Mildew
  • Dries swiftly upon surface contact
  • ServSafe certified for restaurants & food prep
  • SAFE spraying around electronics
  • SAFE spraying around fabrics (ask about our chloride display test)
  • NO Wipe required
  • NO Streaks left on glass surfaces
  • Noticeable reduction of odors
  • AOAC compliant disinfectant cleaning spray